Wong Solo is one of my favorite Indonesian restaurants in Klang Valley and we could find their outlets in vital townships easily. For those who eat Indonesian food on a unchanging basement we will find their menu zero startling and comprises many common and normal Indonesian dishes. we have attempted their Penyet things before that is not bad though Wong Solo is also famous for their signature Ayam/Ikan Bakar.


They use ‘ayam kampung’ for their Ayam Bakar and it tastes unequivocally tighten to a normal grilled duck though a lot improved – some-more proposal and a ambience leans towards benevolence since of a dim soya salsa marinade. Although we favourite a Ayam Bakar, we am not too happy with a portioning. For RM6.90 during a normal investiture like this, we would have approaching a incomparable portion. Seriously this is not even adequate for 1 pax to go with rice.
Anyway, dual condiments are straightforwardly accessible on any list – one thick, sharp and honeyed soya salsa while a other (sambal ulek) is intensely spicy. And when we contend impassioned we unequivocally meant it, one tiny drop packs a large punch.


Ikan Bakar Bawal @ RM19.90 – good also though a bad fish did not have most strength to be enjoyed.


Balado Terung @ RM7.50 – fundamentally a elementary stir-fried brinjal plate in a prohibited and corpulent chili pulp called Sambal Balado.


For cooling off after a sharp dish – Kelapa Muda and Soda Gembira (sirap bandung + soda). Both also RM5.50 and a latter is utterly recommended, unequivocally gembira-ing indeed.


I don’t mind dining here some-more mostly if they correct their apportionment apportionment (make it larger, of course!) Otherwise, my destiny visits here will be kept to an once in a while thing.

Restoran Ayam Bakar
Wong Solo Kajang
37 Jalan Sentosa Villa 1/1
Taman Sentosa Villa
43000 Kajang

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