Many hotels and resorts explain to be eco-friendly and mostly use it as a offering point. But how eco-friendly are they actually? Would a acts of harvesting rainwater, installing energy-efficient bulbs, use reduction soaking chemicals and inspire re-use of towel and sheets be adequate to specify them as eco-friendly? Some would proudly explain so nonetheless a people during Eight Acres are not customarily doing a lot some-more than that, they are invariably improvising.


For a uninitiated, Eight Acres is a boutique board located in a hollow among a fruit orchards, oil palm and rubber plantations in Raub. Like a name implies, Eight Acres is indeed 8 acres in distance and was formerly a fundamentally a jungle consisting of oil palm and durian trees.


After a few years of clever formulation and execution, a review has finally finished a vital constructions, that includes a Brick House (a bungalow consisting of 6 opposite themed rooms), a hydro complement to energy adult a resort, a five-step H2O filtration complement as good as some camping tents for a some-more adventurous.


Durian trees are aplenty during Eight Acres and if we are here during a durian season, we would even get to collect and eat them as shortly as they tumble off. Two categorical varieties of durians could be found here: a rarely renouned and in my opinion a best – Musang King and D24.
And if there’s one thing Eight Acres is unapproachable of their durians, it would be fact that they are grown though any use of pesticides. So even nonetheless a fruits don’t demeanour as ideal as those we could buy on a streets, they ambience better. The same for a H2O too – that is sourced from a tide hence cooling and some-more refreshing. Plus, it does not ambience as ‘strong’ as what we get behind in a city given it is blank of chlorine.

roaming animals

Besides guest and staff, camp animals ramble openly in a review too. The thought is to rehabilitate a land behind to a strange condition with hopes of attracting a inhabitants of a furious that used to make their home here. Hornbills are one of them.


Among a 6 accessible bedrooms (Renewal, Contemplation, Discovery, Exploration, Surreality and Culture) we were given a Discovery room that can accomodate three @ RM440/night (no toiletries enclosed so move your own). The room has dual singular beds and is wholly surrounded by walls of book shelves filled with donated books.


If we demeanour closely during a room’s finishing we will find that they do not demeanour new nonetheless a Brick House had customarily been finished not prolonged ago. This is since many of a building materials for a Brick House are from reclaimed sources. For example, a wooden flooring are recycled from aged buildings, while a walls are assembled regulating blocks of dense joist chips.



Outside a bedrooms is an open atmosphere square that also serves as a chillax area. When night falls on a transparent day and a moon shines above, a sky turns into a fantastic perspective to behold. It also offers an unrestricted perspective of a timberland and towering around.


An overview of a board as seen from a patio.


After we staid down, review manager Uncle Kam took us for a walking debate around Eight Acres with stories accompanied. Then customarily we knew he is indeed a father of a owners of this review – Paul Kam. Uncle Kam is a retirement in his 60?s who chose to be a manager of Eight Acres after he fell in adore with a beauty of this place. Here, he is obscure a developed Musang King durian that is tied to a tree regulating a Raffia string.


The reason behind this is to forestall these cherished durians from enormous when they strike a ground. Cracked durians mostly fetch a many reduce cost in a market, and some even not sellable. Seriously, we wouldn’t know this is how Musang King durians are harvested if not for this trip.



Signs warning we to watch out for descending durians. Better mind these signs since customarily mins into a walking tour, we already saw a few developed durians fell right in front of us. By a way, one of a activities here during durian deteriorate would be collecting these depressed durians and eating them fresh. You could even squeeze them during indiscriminate cost to move home if we wanted to.


The travel continues adult a tiny slope with camping tents dotted a side of a road. There are dual forms of camping tents accessible for rent, identical in facilities nonetheless opposite in size. These nomad-inspired tents are good for outside lovers and brings we closer to nature, nonetheless not so endorsed for those who cite a some-more gentle stay.


Even if we have zero to do during a Outdoor Hall, it is still value visiting customarily to demeanour during a materials used to build it – generally a roof tiles. Sourced from all over a country, these clay-made tiles are unequivocally durable and prolonged lasting. Just demeanour during a year they were done – 1868! That’s some-more than a century ago nonetheless they are still so good maintained.



Each campsite has their possess dedicated grill pit, while a bigger ones have a private and entirely organic toilet. For people who stay often, we will know that a latter is deliberate a luxury. And if we are wondering, all a toilet rubbish is channeled to a executive sewage system, where it will after be incited into organic fertilizer.


Walking along a trail to a Tualang tree, one of a engaging sights during Eight Acres. Since we will be walking in a center of an oil palm plantation, do pattern some mosquitoes. we would advise spraying on some butterfly repellent before going on a walking debate to equivocate a annoy of being bitten – generally during stormy deteriorate when there even some-more of them.


Crossing a tiny stream, a rocks are utterly slippery.

**Pic pleasantness of Eight Acres

This is a customarily Tualang tree in a area and it is some-more than one hundred years old. It competence demeanour tiny from a print nonetheless it is indeed utterly stately and a best approach to conclude it is to demeanour adult from a roots. Being one of a tallest pleasant tree species, we can even mark a tree distant away, as a tallness sticks out from a other trees.
Apart from being a source of timber, Tualang is a also favorite mark for hulk stone bees to hang their combs. The sugar extracted from these combs customarily fetch a aloft price, mostly due to a problem and risk concerned in harvesting them. While admiring a Tualang, Uncle Kam also told us an engaging fable about involving a Tualang Bees, that we could review some-more during this website.


A tiny rapids called Cascada can be found on a right of a lodge.


Besides spare dipping in a pond, we can also knowledge a healthy fish sauna here. The fishes are primarily shy, nonetheless when your feet are in a H2O prolonged enough, they will certainly nip on you. Quite fun.




There are 4 ponds in Eight Acres and all of them have fishes (mostly canopy and tilapia) that float among a lotus pads. You could fish here nonetheless it is for recreational purpose – definition catch-and-release. But if we would like to keep a fish we caught, they are blissful to sell it to we during indiscriminate price. The income paid would be used to squeeze another fish to be expelled behind to a pool as an act of giving behind to nature.


Edible lotus seeds, creatively plucked from a pool – honeyed and crunchy.



Now behind to a Brick House. The categorical gymnasium during a belligerent building is Japanese desirous and minimalistic in pattern with a lot of open space. Coupled with vast entrances, a categorical gymnasium is always cold and we could feel a disproportion in heat immediately once we step into it.



Right subsequent to a categorical gymnasium would be a cafeteria-style dining hall. Free upsurge of snacks and several present beverages are accessible here so we will never go hungry. A tiny vital area is located during a dilemma of a gymnasium and it is furnished with some sofas, a widescreen TV and a jukebox.


This jukebox is from a 1960s and still plays musics – despite customarily classics and contemporaries. Just container in 20 cents to play a song.


At a finish of a Brick House would be a kitchen (even a kitchen doorway is reused from an aged building), toilets and showering rooms. You will find Uncle Kam mother (we call her Auntie) during a kitchen many of a time scheming dishes for a guests. If we do not know yet, a accomodation during Eight Acres is thorough of a 3 dishes of home baked dishes, that are all prepared though MSG.

vegetable patch

As partial of a design to being a self-sustaining resort, all a greens like lady finger, prolonged beans and ‘bok choy’ served in a dishes are harvested from a unfeeling patch nearby.


Here, leftovers do not go into a bin. Instead, they are collected to be recycled into compost later. Same goes for a paper, aluminium cans and cosmetic we use during a stay – 3 opposite bins are supposing during a side for correct disposal. Well, we know a drill.


After a travel we were already feeling hungry. Thankfully Uncle Kam offering us to representation some of his durians, and a best thing is it was on a house!



The initial Musang King we had was a best ever, really tawny and delicious. Look during a tone of a flesh, simply perfect. Anyway, some simple ways to commend a Musang King would be looking during a fruit’s bombard and a seed. The bombard has a particular ‘star’ figure during a bottom, and a seeds are customarily infrequently made and flat.


We had some overwhelming D24 durians too!


We had a cooking during a square underneath a stars – accompanied by a chirping sounds of crickets. The dishes served to us enclosed Auntie’s signature beef rendang, sambal, vegetable, stir boiled duck and a platter of fruits. After that, we had even some-more durians and fundamentally customarily hung around until it was bedtime.


I consider we could all determine when we contend when we devise for a vacation, a things we could see and do – be it shopping, perplexing new food or visiting attractions, these are always a tip priorities. So let me be honest with we and tell we that Eight Acres some-more of a wellness board for pristine decrease and to reconnect with a nature.
Also, we am certain we will conclude some things we might have taken for postulated such as atmosphere conditioning, since there are nothing here! So if we are critical in wanting to get divided from a dispatch and discord of city life – afterwards this tiny refuge should be on your care list.


Now for a wily partial that is removing to a resort. we wish we have a GPS with we while roving here since we would be pushing on utterly a lot of off-roads. After exiting Raub city we will need to go by a few rubber and oil palm estates, that looks flattering many like what we uncover in a pic above. Pretty frightful huh? But consider of it as an adventure.


One approach to safeguard we will not get mislaid is to follow these tiny blue signboards with “Lembah Temir”. The roads are really rough as good so make certain your car is during a really good condition during least.


You will know we have reached a end when we see this sign.

Eight Acres (WWW)
Lot 7822, Mukim Gali, Off Jalan Sungai Klau,
27630 Raub, Pahang
GPS Coordinates: N3 42 52.9 E102 01 58.8

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