Kluang Town, Johor

In a out-of-date tiny city of Kluang, time seems to towering still as locals live their difficult life graceful many a same proceed their forefathers did in yesteryears. Make time for a traditionally brewed void of joe during a Kluang Rail Coffee, go bonus competition around city for aged trinkets, and even evade to a scenery to go equine sailing and dash tea with your pinky in a air. Spend a weekend divided from a present, and pitch yourself into a past, when things are everlast.

Recommended itinerary:

Day One




Established given 1938, this out-of-date coffee mart has been apportionment traditionally roasted coffee and toasted bread widespread on with homemade kaya and butter. A place everybody goes to – thereafter and now – for their initial joe of a day.

Kick start your weekend debate with a strong breakfast here, famous for a awakening cups of coffee and yummy-licious toasts. Also, make time to ramble around a realistic Kluang KTM Station successive door, and get overjoyed behind to a yesteryears.

Must-try: Teh tarik, half-boiled eggs, toasted bread.

Must-buy: Kluang coffee powder.

(Kluang Station; Adult/Child: Around RM5 per pax; Time: Fri-Wed: 7AM-12PM, 2.30PM-6PM)






Kluang’s Little India is located along Jalan Stesen, where a Kluang KTM Station is. Like a many Little India spots around Malaysia, Kluang’s is lined with shops offering merchandises for a Indian community, such as spices and spices and sarees.

Start your debate during Kluang good and easy as we ramble down Little India to start your day’s bonus hunt. Also, don’t forget to try out a inner favourite there – teh tarik!

(Jalan Stesen; RM10; Time: Anytime)






One of a few normal shops left in Kluang that sells ancient items, such as batik, songkok, kain pelikat, mantras and many more.

Another good stop for we to continue your offering spree. Also, take time to revisit a wooden-antique Kluang Bridge, built over a Mengkibol River; excess of photographing opportunities here.

Must-buy: Batik, songkok, kain pelikat.

(Tel.: +6 07 773 4431; Kluang; Time: 9AM-7PM)






Nan Yuan is a many sought after wobble mart in town, offering textile, predestine and name outfits.

Here, we can get souvenirs that go for miles (pun intended), that we can pierce behind and tailor-make your possess outfit for a special occasion.

(Tel.: +6 07 771 1545; Jalan Dato Teoh Siew Khor; Time: 9.30AM-9.30PM)







Located during a dilemma of Kluang town, this recreational country is a decent place to do a teen getaway into nature. It is a favourite symbol among locals and tourists for picnics and poetic dips by a waterfall. The 510-meter high Mount Lambak is also accessible around footpaths for a brief jungle trekking.

After a day of walking around in town, tip off your day with a revisit to Mount Lambak, where we can soak your feet in a cooling H2O by a falls, and share among your family and friends a sows of your bonus hunt.



7pm onwards



One of a many bustling restaurants in city that serves delicious Northern Thai cuisine with a inner touch. It has a accumulation of choices on a food menu to name from, including cooking and smorgasboard sets.

After a day of haphazard around in Kluang, fill adult a stomach with a rich meal, and also to prepared yourself for a successive day’s adventure.
Must-try: Chiang Mai Seafood Tomyam, Fried Fish in Rong Seri’s Sauce,  Rong Seri Thai Stir Fried Chicken.

(Tel.: +6 07 776 0477/+6 013 787 4777; http://www.rongseri.com; Jalan Cempedak off Jalan Haji Manan; Adult/Child: Around RM20 per pax; Time: 6PM-12.30AM)

Day Two




A house and sailing martial for scenery lovers. Equipped with 52 immeasurable difficult stables, visitors can go on half an hour guided equine rides into a forest, as good as take adult lessons on equine riding.

Here’s something we don’t get to do any day in and divided from a city, so since not take it behind with a strong breakfast here, thereafter boyant adult a saddle and boyant around like a cowboy!
*Riders Lodge also has overnight packages for your weekend trip.

(Tel.: +6 07 652 5330; http://www.riderslodge.com.my; Sedenak; Adult/Child: RM68+ per pax; Time: 1½ hour rides: 8AM-5.30PM)






Located successive to a Kluang troops station, this is one of a must-try when visiting Kluang. Aptly named after a bald father who started it all, his children now take over a business, regulating twin stalls in Kluang.;

After your morning equine sailing session, we competence name to have lunch during their glorious dining restaurant, or go for something cheaper here, that is equally as tasty.Must-try: Curry noodles.;






Founded in 2001, it’s one of a biggest scaled organic farms in Malaysia, and also 8 sell outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. Its camp offers tie to 60 varieties of fruits and vegetables yet chemical elements.

Spend a day there and learn all about how organic husbandry works, and try out some of a crops we have reaped yourself. You can even bucket adult a box with creatively harvested vegetables and fruits for your enlarged debate home.

Must-buy: Dragon fruit wine.
*For walk-in visitors: scheduled half an hour tours start during 10.30AM and 4.30PM daily.

(Tel.: +6 019 773 8985 / +6 07 759 5196; http://www.zenxin.com.my; Air Hitam; Adult/Child: Free; Time: 9AM-9PM)

(Tel.: +6 07 771 1685; Jalan Lambak;
What: A 45-year-old inner confectionery famous for a nyonya kuihs, inner snacks and cakes. The cafeteria is generally finished with assemblage during hi-tea hours.Why: Just in box we need a brief smack during your bonus hunting, or take divided some munchies to nibble during your debate home, Honeyland has a good accumulation of snacks to keep your stomach entertained. Also, there are rows of day-old shophouses along Jalan Lambak; another symbol in Kluang glorious of some scenic shots.
Must-try: Chicken pies, cream puffs, tuna egg rolls.

(Kluang; Adult/Child: Free; Time: Anytime)
What: Derived from a cheap and sleazy stones that everywhere on a mountain, Mount Belumut is another recreational country not apart from Kluang, where visitors can go for 2-hour hikes, jungle-trekking, and picnicking by a Sg Yong Waterfall. One of a renouned attractions is a Crown Rock (Batu Mahkota) that looks like a hulk crown.Why: An choice recreational country isolated from Mount Lambak, that we can revisit during your trip. You can also name to revisit here if we find Riders Lodge is a bit too apart to your liking.

Where to stay:;


As a name suggested, Prime City Hotel is a 112-room accommodation in a heart of Kluang city for business travellers critical in style, to check backpackers critical in comfort.

Right bruise in a heart of town, everywhere we control to is usually a brief transport away. Heck, we can even control to a Kluang Rail Coffee any morning for your uninformed cuppa, if we may; it’s usually a few minutes’ walking distance!

(Tel.: +6 07 771 1111; http://www.primecity.com; Kluang; From RM230nett; 3-star rating)

A vast estate with 27 peaceful rooms, where one can also humour glorious dining, equine riding, golfing, sauna and many some-more in a peaceable countryside.

Although this finish is offer divided from a others, it is value your time as we get to believe a kind of scenery holiday not permitted in many collection of Malaysia. Overnight stays are permitted to prevaricate a debate being hectic.
*Riders Lodge also have all sorts of weekend and anniversary packages to fit anyone’s holiday agenda.

(Tel.: +6 07 652 5330; http://www.riderslodge.com.my; Sedenak; From RM348++)

Located during a dilemma of Kluang town, this examination offers sand inexpensive difficult chalets with Mother Nature usually during your doorstep with accessible amenities and fun activities.

The resort’s cost operation is a steal, generally if we wish to hang around Kluang yet do not wish to continue a city hotel’s cost tags. It’s also accessible for those who name to spend their time in a Mount Lambak Recreational Forest.

(Tel.: +6 07 776 0077; http://www.gununglambakecoresort.4t.com; Kluang; From RM68nett)


Click map for details. View To Kluang, With Love in a exquisite map

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