Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant is world-famous for their roast duck and we substantially already knew this since they have branches in Malaysia as well. And if we have attempted their fry ducks possibly during Caps Square or Empire Gallery Subang we consider we would determine with me that they are distant from being a world’s best.

My initial ambience of their fry steep was a few years ago during their Caps Square bend and we never worried to lapse (nor blog about it), as we feel they were overrated and pricier than a rest. But honestly, we have to contend a Four Seasons during London is so many improved – so many improved that a Malaysian branches do not do justification to Four Seasons’ celebrity and reputation. What a shame, really. It’s like nasi lemak in Malaysia won’t ambience a same in London too. So protected to say, we need to try a Four Seasons in London in sequence to conclude a authentic ambience of their fry duck.


Roasted Duck Drumstick Rice @ 6GBP – my many comforting dish we was in London since we missed Chinese food (and rice) badly. For that cost it could substantially buy we a fish and chips during a internal pub, or maybe a kebab so we theory a cost is justified. Plus, a steep used by Four Seasons is from Ireland and is visibly meatier, simply double a apportionment of what we would customarily get here. It was unequivocally delicious, not but faults tough, as we felt a salsa tasted too sweet.


The ducks are pressed with spices and tip spices and afterwards submerged in a reduction of maltose syrup and vinegar, afterwards roasted in a oven for approximately 45-60 mins during a unequivocally high temperature. Among their 3 branches in London, some-more than 700 ducks could be prepared in a week due to their popularity.


We also had a go during their roast pork, that is served in outrageous chunks and had an glorious crackling. Taste correct they were flattering illusory too, as a pig skin had been pricked for a marination to improved dig a beef over 24 hours. The bid and time that went into a roasted pig is unequivocally something value mentioning.


Another reason since we chose to eat during Four Seasons was since it is usually like a travel divided from where we stayed (Malaysia Hall) during Bayswater. So if we are formulation to revisit London shortly and looking for reasonable labelled accomodation a Malaysia Hall is rarely recommended. Compared to a other BBs, we get a room all to yourself with a personal showering and toilet trustworthy too. And a nearest tube hire (Bayswater) is only 5-10 min by foot.

Four Seasons (Bayswater)

84 Queensway, Bayswater, London, W2 3RL

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